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Warmzeit (in engl. warm period) connects people in different places of this world whose every-day lives are affected by global-warming. From Greenland to Namibia it portrays individuals experiencing the impact of climatic change, as well as scientists and engineers of alternative energy technologies. In Africa, mere two degrees of warming are going to destroy the foundation of people’s lives. In Greenland today, farmers can grow vegetables in areas where the ground was permanently frozen just decades ago. Major contributors to global climate warming are the industrialized, Western countries and the Co2 emissions they produce. Human actions have become a decisive global parameter and are going to change the face of the world, if we don’t reconsider our choices.

Service: ADR-Recording/Sound Design/Re-recording, Dolby-Mastering

Director: Knut Karger

Production: Lüthje Schneider Hörl Film