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Prisoners of the Body

May I introduce myself. I am movement. And this is my film. With me is life, but what’s without me? What is my essence? I try to understand myself. Dancing. I show and observe myself in different places. I wake up in water, explore boundaries in the chaos of the city. I recognise myself in my inescapability and yet I lose myself on the way to my freedom. Prisoners of the Body is a metaphorical journey of discovery of the movement itself. Music accompanies her excursion into the world over five chapters in different scenarios. In this liaison of film and dance, the camera itself becomes the expression of the protagonist – and dances.

Service: Foley/Sound Design/Re-Recording/ Dolby ATMOS Mastering

Cast: Gonzalo Cruzinha, Diego Da Silva, Sonja Golubkowa

Director: Elisa Maria Nadal

Producer: Ersin Cilesiz, Bahtiyar Bozkurt, HFF

Nominee: Student Academy Awards 2020