BMWi3 – Remembering the future

Director: Pascal Thieret Client: BMW Agency/Production: TERRITORY Media: Online

Urban Hack Attack

Director: Yves Peitzner, Max Nüchtern, Hondo Ratkovic Production: The Brainstormclub Media: Online

BMW Motorrad “Dinner for RR”

Director: Max Nüchtern, Hondo Ratkovic Client: BMW Motorrad Agency: Serviceplan Production: The Brainstormclub Media: Online

Sky “Ticket”

Director: KRONCK Client: sky Agency: Serviceplan Production: oki films Media: Online, TV

PENNY “Der Wunsch”

Director: Marcus Ibanez Production: ICONOCLAST Agency: Serviceplan Media: Online, TV, Cinema

Lufthansa “Make Change Fly”

Client: Lufthansa Group Agency: DDB Munich Production: oki films Media: Online